If you are unsure which track to pick, please have a look at our track and class descriptions and find out what fits best for your level of dancing:

Track descriptions

All parties are included in the green, orangered and blue tracks.

The Friday special topic class (African dance) and the Saturday and Sunday master classes (Lindy Hop with Frida & Skye) need to be booked separately. Please note that booking these classes does not give you access to parties. If you do not book any of the festival tracks, consider adding a party pass.

If you want to book one or both master classes, please give us some info on your dancing background in order to help our registration team with your admission to those classes.

If you register as a couple, both leader and follower need to register separately.

By registering to the Swing the Abbey festival, you are accepting our terms & conditions and privacy policy.


To register select your track and/or classes below and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


Please read before registering!

Red track is sold out! There us a long waiting list for followers on the orange Lindy Hop track. If you’re interested in joining these tracks, please sign up as a leader or couple, or pick one of our solo classes.

Our registrations for Swing the Abbey 2022 are now closed. Please contact us by mail to info[@]swingdance[.]lu for any question.